Apologies for the cliched title but things are usually cliched for a reason: they work. This is my attempt at starting a blog. I haven't really blogged since my xanga days back in freshman year of high school in 2004 so this will take some getting used to. One of my goals for 2019 has been to write more. I have been semi-successful in this endeavor by keeping a digital journal but I have felt that I wanted more from my writing than what a journal could provide. I have also enjoyed instagram stories as a form of storytelling but that medium has its constraints that I hope having my own blog will allow me to get around.

This will become a place where I can ramble about a bunch of topics but mostly technology, travel, and startups. I'm not sure if I will even make any of these posts public but it will still be a good place for me to articulate random thoughts I have.

I'll also be using this blog as a testing ground for new technologies I'm interested in exploring. Right now it is hosted on a single AWS EC2 instance on the free tier but I will be upgrading it over time to be more resilient, scalable, and data driven. I'll be trying out different analytics and marketing technologies as well. This will all be a huge overkill for a simple blog but will be a good learning experience nonetheless.

I was inspired to start this blog from loving to read Fred Wilson's daily AVC posts as well as my friends Ricky Yean and Richard Lo's personal weekly newsletters.