I'm starting a small business: Get This Bread LLC. I'll mostly be using this LLC to test startup ideas out but I'll also be using it throughout the next few months to experience for myself what the typical small business has to go through when getting started. This is an area I've been really passionate about from my previous startup and spending the last 4 years working in Intuit's small business and self-employed group. I'm interested in finding pain points and potential opportunity areas in this space. I figured writing would be the best way to force myself to document and articulate all my learnings during this process.

If you are wondering about the name, it comes from a meme that I've identified with. For those unfamiliar, it usually consists of a photo of someone off to do work somewhere with a caption of some version of "let's get this bread". This simple phrase encapsulates a few values that are important to me: community, ambition, and hustle. When it came to me as I was thinking of names, it felt perfect.

I'll be writing a series of blog posts about what it is like to start and run a small business in 2019/2020. This will mostly be me learning out loud and exploring different existing products so not sure how interesting it will be for others but sharing it out in the world is a good way to keep me accountable and get feedback from you all.